Our Frequently Asked Questions page contains common questions asked by you, the customer. This page will be updated regularly with new questions we receive. 

Why the new website?

Mosaico is Australia's leading supplier for many of the products we stock, and we wanted a website that reflected this; one which made it easier for you to find and purchase the items you're looking for. 

How do I pay by credit card?

- Select  as your payment method in the checkout, where you will have the option of paying directly with a credit card, or using an existing PayPal account.

Are online payments secure?

- Absolutely! Payments are processed by the PayPal secure payment servers, one of the leading gateways worldwide.

One of the links on your website is broken, who should I tell?

- If you notice anything website related which is not running smoothly, contact the webmaster on angela@mosaico.com.au, so we can get things patched up for you as soon as possible.

Do you ship to USA?

- Due to the cost of shipping between Australia and USA it is not currently offered by Mosaico. For example, shipping cost only for 1 full sheet of Bisazza Vitreous glass would be US$50, and 10 sheets US$190. For this reason it would be uneconomical to purchase from Australia, however Mosaico encourages USA customers to seek local suppliers for mosaic products.